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Our Philosophy

Our state and district Standards and Benchmarks provide us with high expectations for each child. Lessons are designed and curriculum is planned beginning with these expectations. The staff at Brentwood School provides instruction which combines:


The basic skills of “learning to read” with quality literature


The acquisition of basic math facts and computation with problem solving, hands-on and minds-on interaction with the scientific process


A wide variety of writing activities across the curriculum


Historical facts as they relate to global interdependence


Active participation in physical education, art, music, and creative dramatics


Thematic units provide an opportunity to apply skills and foster the love of reading, writing and mathematics within children


It is critical that parents continue to provide stable, loving homes and motivate our children to come to school ready to learn. We must work together to foster the joy and value of learning in our children to ensure their success.

High expectations combined with a child-centered educational philosophy and a positive learning environment, make Brentwood School an ideal place for students to reach their educational and personal potentials.